Sienna Re-Vital Scalp Tonic

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Contains Biotin, a natural B Vitamin which, in clinical trails, has shown to be effective in reducing excessive hair loss with regular use.  Gentle enough to be used every day, no matter what hair type.  Contains additional vitamins and proteins to leave hair and scalp clean yet healthy.

With Biotin to reduce excess hair loss


SIENNA Re-Vital Scalp Tonic is scientifically formulated to assist in stimulating blood flow, or hyperaemia, to the scalp, which is necessary to assist with retarding hair loss and to maintain a natural healthy scalp.


Re-Vital Scalp Tonic may be used to remove the scale common to psoriasis and persistent dandruff.  Dilute with water for cradle-cap in babies and children.



Apply to the scalp and massage in, being careful not to apply to skin abrasions or the eyes.  Use both morning and evening.  Dries quickly, allowing the hair to maintain it's style. Re-Vital shampoo and conditioner containing Biotin compliments Re-Vital Scalp Tonic and, together, they comprise a complete treatment.