Sienna Liquid Mousse

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Sienna Liquid Mousse is the ultimate solution for those who require a firm to super hold styling aid.  Liquid mousse is a non-aerosol non-foaming styling mousse that imparts volume, manageability, texture and shine to any required style, no matter how demanding.

 Sienna Liquid Mousse is recommended for:

 * Setting

* Blow-drying

* Scrunching

* Shaping



First shampoo and condition with your preferred Sienna product.  Towel dry the hair. Dispense a small quantity of Sienna Liquid Mousse onto the palm of one hand and use the fingertips to work Liquid Mousse through the hair, or apply Sienna Liquid Mousse directly to the roots of the hair then work through to the ends of the hair with fingers.  This second method establishes an extra firm foundation to the required style.