Sienna Repel HLT Shampoo Stage 1

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Stage 1, with Pyrethrins I & II and Piperonyl Butoxide make for an effective shampoo treatment against head lice.  Stage 2 conditioner spray assists in combing out lice and their eggs and may be used as a preventative spray to ensure no reinfestation occurs.  Stage 2 may also be sprayed on bed linen and clothing to ensure lice are totally eradicated.



Active Ingredients:

Pyrethrins I & II 0.25% W/W

Piperonyl Butoxide 1.85% W/W



Wet hair with warm water then towel dry. Apply a generous quantity of Repel HLT Shampoo to the hair.  Ensure all of the hair and scalp is adequately covered.  Massage HLT Shampoo in and leave on the hair for a MINIMUM of 10 minutes.  Rinse the hair thoroughly with clean warm water then towel dry.



To ensure total effectiveness and, to reduce the chance of reinfestation, it is imperative to follow HLT Shampoo with SIENNA Repel HLT Conditioner Stage 2.



To ensure effective elimination, all family members should follow the same treatment regime.  To eliminate reinfestation, all clothing and bedding should be sterilised at the time of this treatment.