Sienna Repel HLT Conditioner Stage 2

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Stage 1, with Pyrethrins I & II and Piperonyl Butoxide make for an effective shampoo treatment against head lice.  Stage 2 conditioner spray assists in combing out lice and their eggs and may be used as a preventative spray to ensure no reinfestation occurs.  Stage 2 may also be sprayed on bed linen and clothing to ensure lice are totally eradicated.



Active Ingredient:

Pyrethrins I & II 0.25% W/W



First shampoo with Repel HLT Shampoo Stage 1.  Liberally spray on HLT Conditioner Stage 2, ensuring all of the hair and scalp is covered. Using a fine toothed comb, and starting at the back of the head, comb from the ends of the hair working back to the roots near the scalp. Take time with this procedure, as it is most important that a thorough job is done.  After combing is completed, rinse the hair lightly with clean warm water, towel dry and style as usual.



Repel HLT Conditioner Stage 2 should also be used as a preventative.  Spray on dry hair daily to give protection against infestation or reinfestation.


CAUTION (Both Stage 1 & Stage 2):

If poisoning occurs contact doctor or poisons information centre.  If swallowed induce vomiting.  Use IPECAC Syrup (APF) if available.  If contact with eyes or other mucous membranes should occur, flush immediately with warm water.  If skin irritation or signs of infection develop consult your doctor.  For external use only